Rodrigo Andreolli
2011_ The Hot One hundred Choreographers_ collaborator
Dance solo by Cristian Duarte created for the Cultura Inglesa Festival in São Paulo, inspired by "The hot One Hundred", by Scottish visual artist Peter Davies.

2011-12_ LOTE#1_ resident artist/producer
Coordinated by Cristian Duarte and collaborators, LOTE is an artistic residency project based in São Paulo, aiming to test structures and ways of building context to work, produce and cross with other artists. Supported by public fundings of São Paulo.
This first edition invited artists such as David Zambrano, Paz Rojo, Marcelo Evelin and Luis Garay to share their practices with the residents.
2011_ Cooking Show_ choreographer
A precarious kitchen environment is set on stage and the audience is invited to cook a collective meal to be shared by all, without planning and in silence for 2 hours.
2012_ cut out_ dance solo
Created on the Residency Outras Danças 2012, promoted by Funarte at Porto Alegre, and also on the LOTE#2, this solo explores the physicality of a body being affected by a series of inputs and interruptions, by attempts to create a flow of movement from the sequence of failures of flowing.
2013_ Attempt at Exhausting [a point of view] _ choreographer/performer
site-specific choreography at Centro Cultural São Paulo. An everyday practice to create a impression of collected gestures.
2014_ Take My Breath Away_ performer
directed by Elisa Ohtake. This piece intends to use dance as a tool to throw performers into a very edgy situation where they have to prove their passion to the audience and to themselves through movement.
2014_ A/R_ choreographer performer
A dance duet with Brazillian artist Raissa Ralola created in the distances, exploring the possibility of activating a subtle type of communications that allows a choreography on the virtual space and the studies of different sorts of presence.
2012-13_ LOTE#2_ resident artist/producer
Coordinated by Cristian Duarte and collaborators and supported by public fundings of São Paulo. The second edition of the project, concentrated on intensive crossings within the resident artists and invited artists Thomas Lehmen, Paz Rojo, Thiago Granato, Thelma Bonavita and Arkadi Zaides.
2013-14_ LOTE#3_ resident artist/producer
Coordinated by Cristian Duarte and collaborators and supported by public fundings of São Paulo. This third editions focused on the development of creations by the group of residents and other local artists. The invited artists of this LOTE were Michelle Moura and Marcelo Evelin.
2014_ AUÊ!_performer
Performative esoteric sessions in public spaces.

2014-17_ Terreyro Coreografico_choreographer/structural artist
A platform for researching the crossings of 3 fields: choreography, architecture and programming. The project articulates and gather different groups to work these intersections through choreographic actions on public sphere.

2006_ _Teatro Oficina Uzyna Uzona_ actor
several pieces. Os Sertões, As Bacantes, Pra dar um sim no juízo de deus, Banquete, Taniko,Os Bandidos Teatro Oficina, directed by José Celso Martinez Correa.
2015_ Krum_ actor
Theater piece written by Hanoch Levin, directed by Marcio Abreu,
Cia. Brasileira de Teatro

2015_ Danceweb Scholarship_
at Impulstanz Vienna International Dance Festival
artists residency program

2014_ Tragedy: a tragedy_ actor and assistant director
Theater piece written by Will Eno, directed by Carolina Mendonça
.:. use selection tools to reveal texts .:.
2017_ Capacete Residency Program in Athens_ resident artist
9-month-residency in Athens, Greece,
experimenting with displacement

2016_ Mitológicas Terreyro Coreográfico
a publication created by the polyphonic experience of
a project exercising choreography and architecture
on urban thinking

2017_ Remote Dancing_ practicing
performing through the foldings of space-time, dancing with people
at the distance, this practice evolves from studies on subtle communication ranging from telepathy, quantum entanglement, deep listening and other perceptive expansion to create an environment to exercise the politics of imagination on a collective subjectivity

2017_ Genius Locci_ public practicing
a public practice of collecting gestures in public areas of
the city, through embodying fragments of the impressions captured.
A way to create subtle echoes and little variations on everyday flows
of the space
2012_Outras Danças Porto Alegre_ resident artist
Coordinated by Funarte, 2-month residency, invited artist Luis Garay(AR)
2017_ Sweat it out
One hour non-stop dance lab to experiment with the chemical alterations that can be kinetically produced in our bodies and in space.

2017_πέτρα άνθρωπος πλαστικό
Three states of matter - mineral, animal and artificial - produced on the accumulation of history, carrying the accumulation of narratives. All equally subjected to gravity.
2019_ SYNTROPHIC ESCAPE (Rough Proposals)